Dhi Good, Denver, Colorado           Tim Burton, Bellingham, Washington           Lauren Hafford, Longmont, Colorado

Dhi Good, Denver, Colorado:

Sean took good care of my house and cat for me while I was out of the state. When we met to go over how things work in the house and yard, he took careful notes. He pays attention to details and any special instructions provided. He attended well to all I asked him to do and was very considerate in every way. Most specially, he gave my cat the care and attention she expects. I have confidence in him and know that I can depend on him, so he will always be on my go-to list!

Tim Burton, Bellingham, Washington:
Sean house sat for us for three weeks when we were out of the country. He is very pleasant and cheerful, and was very conscientious learning our instructions exactly. He was a very loving cat sitter, paying close attention to how our older cat was doing and giving her medicine twice a day. He stayed in touch with us over email, keeping us posted about the cat and little questions that popped up.

Sean communicates clearly, is dependable and goes above and beyond to make sure everything's squared away. In this case our cat was having a digestion issue and Sean consulted with a knowledgeable friend and implemented some changes in care for the cat which really seemed to help. Sean made full use of our home and kitchen while here which we were glad for him to do, and then he did a very thorough job cleaning the house before leaving. A reliable and thoughtful man with a lot of world experience and education; hard to imagine a better house siter or cat sitter

Lauren Hafford, Longmont, Colorado:

Sean was great with our pets! One of them manifests some pretty intense fear aggression when strangers come to the door, or reach for his head, or look at him, or stand up suddenly, or come down the stairs the next day (...you get the idea). When we explained this to Sean, he was undaunted and followed our guidance faithfully, and is now one of a few people in the world whom that dog will allow to pet his head! Even our extremely shy cat deigned to come out and say hello, accepting yummy treats from him, and licking him on the hand. Sean's kind demeanor and gentle aura make him a great pet companion! Thank you!