Overnight Pet Sitting

Basic Overnight Pet care                     Overnight Care Plus                 In-home 24-hour Premium Care

Basic Overnight Pet care

The caregiver stays overnight in the house with the pets. This is an 11 hour service from 9:00 PM at night to 8:00 AM in the morning, and can include feeding and walks for dogs in PM and AM, as well as play time for cats, and cleaning of litter boxes. Overnight care includes the house sitting service as well.

Overnight Care Plus ------ overnight care plus daytime visits 4 hours apart

Overnight Care Plus+1 ------- includes one half hour daytime visit
Overnight Care Plus+2 ------- includes two half hour daytime visits

In-home 24-hour Premium Care

With in-home 24-hour premium pet care, the caregiver maintains a nearly continuous presence in the owner s home; and moves in for the duration of the owner s absence, keeping the pets company throughout the day and night, while cooking and eating their own meals at the residence.