Home Care Pet Care Fees

Daytime Care           Overnight Care           House Sitting           Surcharges           Fee Schedule

Feees For Daytime Pet Care:

Daytime Visit 30 minutes                     $30

Every additonal 15 minutes                   $10

Fees For Overnight Pet Care:

Overnight care                             $70

Overnight Care Plus+1                       $95

Overnight Care Plus+2                       $108

In-home 24-hour Premium Care                 $125

Feees For Initial Pet Care Consultation:

30 minutes Consultation                     $30

Every additonal 15 minutes                   $5


House sitting fees vary depending upon the length of the house sit, the number of tasks entailed, and the details of the conditions and circumstances of the job. Please contact us for an estimate.

Occasional Surcharges Apply:

Additional Pets Surcharge:                     1st pet is included in basic fee; $5/ each additional pet;

Holiday Season Surcharge:                     $10.00+ / overnight; $5.00+/ day visit;

Mountain Visit Surcharge:                       $15 - $25/ 24 hours (depending on location);

Fee Schedule:

Guaranteed Booking:

A client may elect to guarantee their commitment to booking Home Care Pet Care services by a payment of a 25% deposit at the time of booking. This deposit is not required. A client may prefer instead to make only a Provisional Booking.

Provisional Booking:

A Provisional Booking allows the client the freedom to cancel the booking for any reason at any time. Many clients may, for instance, desire the option to cancel the booking if their planned trip falls through, or if an opportunity arises to have the pet care provided by a relative, a friend, or a neighbor. A Provisonal Booking allows them this freedom.